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Korea pictures, the epic conclusion

Have you heard the good news? I will be in Florida from July 1 to July 22 (or so). After that, I’ll meet Jessica in London, and we’ll visit my family in Edinburgh. After a few weeks there, we will head to Belgium and the Netherlands. Jessica has an aunt in Brussels who we hope to stay with, and we are thinking of renting a place in Amsterdam for a few weeks. We’ll have to be back in HK at the beginning of September to start work again.

Anyone want to join us, at any point? The more, the merrier. Flights to Europe at that time should run $500-$700.

In other news, we’ve had a few cases of H1N1 in Hong Kong. I think a high school was closed a few days ago. But at this point no one is really worried anymore, right? I certainly wouldn’t like it to ruin my summer holiday. Also, we had the Dragon Boat Festival this week; you can see some pictures on Jessica’s blog.

Anyone want to buy my old fat-form NDS? It has an R4DS chip, so you can download “homebrew” stuff off the internet and play them! I’m trying to get $80 from it, to fund a new NDSi. Obviously, it works fine and there’re no serious or noticeable scratches.

Here are the last of the pics from Korea! Yeah, that took a while. If you think that’s bad, I don’t think I’ve posted all the pics from my Australia trip and that was… well, I think I remember seeing dinosaurs there.

On Day 3 in Korea we went to the DMZ. The whole thing is theme-park-like, as I think the pictures will demonstrate.

We spent the remainder of the day in the fucking awesome COEX Mall. They have a store with just puzzles. I nearly wet myself. And a store with just plastic models. And a store next door to that with just plastic Gundam models. Floor to ceiling. They also have an aquarium, similar to the one in Sydney.

After the mall we went to the hostel we booked in Myeongdong, an area of Seoul that is as hip as our friend Joe advertised. For example, there are about two cafes on every block… I reckon there to be at least eight coffee chains in Seoul. Yes, this is my metric for “hip”. (It also helps that they have a larger-than-life statue of Gandalf the White.)

We spent the fourth day relaxing; we walked to a few temple/palaces nearby. I had a waffly fish filled with cream. Or something. It was tasty, that’s all that’s important. That night, we had dinner with really cool people that we met at the hostel. Sadly, it was American-style decorative sushi or something. Everyone else was sick of Korean food!

Kanye <3 Fish Sticks

It’s been two months since my last post! I don’t feel sorry, and you should probably get used to it. The truth is, very little of note has happened which I could write about.

Work is going well. Recently I had a couple students for private, interview-prep classes. To get into a good secondary school, you have an interview and, of course, you want to come off seeming competent when they ask you, in your second language, about yourself. (I’ll tell you a secret: the answer to every question about life in Hong Kong is Ocean Park.) So, why am I teaching this? I don’t think I’ve passed an interview in my life! Anyway, in one student’s final class, I taught her what kind of books she likes (”epic novels” and mystery/detective stories), and at the interview the next day, they asked her that very question. Score! I hope they both get accepted into good places. In other work-related news, I made another girl cry, and chalk up one more peepee accident (separate incidents). And, I had a student named Weegus. Fine, a strange name, nothing new here, oh it’s spelled V-E-G-A-S? Ooookay. (This seems to be pretty common actually, there’s a girl with a name that sounds like “Venice” but it’s written Venus? Where do they get off!)

I started using a few nice tools, things I’ve been looking for for years: Rainlendar is a sleek desktop calendar with To-Do and Event lists. I tried keeping a To-Do list on GMail for a while and it didn’t work. Rainlendar solves that problem. Second is a wallpaper-rotator. So you don’t have to feel guilty about collecting hundreds of wallpapers!

I add stuff to my list of movies to see faster than I could possibly see them. Will anyone see the Dragonball: Evolution? It’s been out here for a month already. From what I have seen lately, allow me to recommend Ghost Town (Ricky Gervais!) and Children of Men. The latter is decent, but it has several long-take scenes that are worth catching, if you’re into Action. And I saw There Will Be Blood a few nights ago. Ummm… I don’t have much to say about it. Just put me down as No Preference. Some critic called it the second-best film of all time. LOL WUT!?

Octopus vs. Spanner!:

While I’m on the topic of animals, here’s a local faunitative story for you to enjoy. Look, I made a new word!

None dare challenge the Tai Po Wild Pig Hunting Team! This broom has cloven a thousand tusks! Weeping Brilliance Meteor Technique!

I think that Jessica and I will stay in Hong Kong for a while more, even if it means braving the terrible boar menace. But during the summer I want to take two months off. I’ll stay with the ‘rents for a few weeks, and then, who knows?! Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do? Anyone have any summer plans of their own to share?

I will post the remainder of the Korea pics, um… sometime.

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Finally!, I have some pictures of my mini-toddlers classes so you can see what they’re like. Most of the kids are adorable, but I’m also surrounded by quite a few Asian women expecting me to entertain them. It can be nerve-wracking. The classes with four students are for the more mature kids - they don’t need helpers or mommies.

Please don’t share this pics with others. It’s probably illegal for me to post them or something. But, enjoy!


Here are some really old photos of me that I don’t think I’ve ever posted:

At the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree in Tai Po The facade of a Jesuit church in Macau. During a carnival at Jessica’s old school.

Someone gave my aquarium video one star. WTF YouTube?